Powerflex Bushes Audi 80 & 90 Avant (1973 - 1996)

Powerflex PU bushings for Motorsports and Street you get a low price in the store to buy Powerflex Germany. The Powerflex bushes are harder and firmer than the standard chassis connectors. With proper installation the jacks normally need never be replaced again, because hardly any wear. The manufacturer Powerflex of England provides cheap Polyurethane bushings, engine mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust mounts, spring travel and universal sockets for Audi 80 & 90 Avant (1973 - 1996) for sale.

Powerflex bushes Audi 80 & 90 Avant (1973 - 1996)
  • PFF3-101 are for Pressed arms (37mm)
  • PFF3-102 are for Cast arms (45mm)
  • PFF3-104 & PFF3-105 These fit up to chassis number 8B-L-003-791 1994, check front shock absorber after 1991 the anti roll bar may be linked to the wishbone with a metal joint so there will be no outer anti roll bar mount.
  • PFR3-110 fits up to 1992 chassis number 8A-N-200-000
  • PFR3-111 fits after 1992 .
  • PFR3-1011-21 & -23.5 Front anti roll bar mounts are tear drop shaped.
  • PFF3-106-21.5 Fits models where there is no link rod between the anti roll bar and control arm.
  • PFF3-120-10 & PFF3-121-10 fit vehicles with 10mm mounting bolts, vehicles with 12mm bolts use PFF3-120-12 & PFF3-121-12
  • PFA100-12 and PFA100-14.Fits 2 bolt hub to strut models only.Check bolt diameter .
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